About us showcases photography made with uncompromising passion and purpose from the Lahti Institute of Design. It is a place without boundaries or leaders. It does not stand for a visual accord or style. is everything that living, vibrant and diverse photography can be. is a completely student-initiated and student-upheld project. It shows sprawling and individual artist-based photography, finally bringing to light the strength and the visual potency that has always been embodied in photography at the Lahti Institue of Design. invites you to enjoy, embrace and be stupefied by photography.

The name derives from our Lahti's past. The city was nicknamed "the Chicago of Finland" after a period of violence during the 1970s. Nowadays the shooting is done mostly by us in the name of art, but not everything has changed in the past forty years - this is still the home of photography.


Jouko Saastamoinen, Interaction Design & Web Development
Lauri Toikka, Graphic Design & Layout
Janne Kuisma, Graphic Design & Layout

Antti Ahtiluoto, Content & Design
Heikki Kaski, Content & Design
Maarit Mustonen, Content & Design
Samuli Ikäheimo, Content & Design
Veli-Matti Hoikka, Content & Design

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