Teemu Keisteri

Mitä voin odottaa elämältä?

A collaboration between Teemu Keisteri & Annick Ligtermoet (

'Mitä Voin Odottaa Elämältä?'* is the first collaboration between Teemu Keisteri and Annick Ligtermoet. The series shows a collection of photographs gathered in both Finland and The Netherlands. While in one of the countries nature overwhelms its inhabitants, the other hardly owns any savage nature at all. In this series the wild and the natural are blended into one, almost erasing the civilized world and leaving the photographer and his subjects in an isolated area.

The photos are mounted on wood and are all of the same size (13 x 19 cm). The first show was held at Kalleria in Helsinki, Finland.

*The title of our series is borrowed from the lyrics of 'Liian Myöhään', as written by Freeman in 2010. Translated it means 'What can I expect from life?'.